Presiding over the Banhnofstrasse, take 2

It was fountain number 60, the one presiding over the Bahnhofstrasse. When I published it, the sun was shinning high and bright. Tourists were competing for the the best snapshot of this fountain, and I was wearing a very light Summer. But today, I needed a thick coat and a pair heavy boots. Snow is finally here, and it and starts to slowly pile on the streets.

This photo was taken over 1 year ago in a Winter day like today. And, as it happened by then, Herr Alfred Escher looks down to Zürchers rushing, Lucy and small piles of fresh snow.


2 thoughts on “Presiding over the Banhnofstrasse, take 2

  1. In summer, the dog wanted a drink from here. I couldn’t reach the water with her little portable waterbowl – neither from the spewing water nor the surface of the pond. Very frustrating. Had to go find a tap elsewhere. 🙂

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